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Over the course of my amateur radio "career", I've met some wonderful people along the way.  Two of those folks are Joe Ventolo, K8DMZ and his charming wife Marti, KA8AQH.  

Years ago, Marti was one of my US Novice students who successfully passed her very first amateur radio exam in one of my classes.  And it was through Marti and Joe that I was later honored to be granted an Associate Membership in their esteemed, Ohio-based amateur radio group called GEARVAKf.  

The acronym "GEARVAKf" stands for "Greater Enon Amateur Radio Vention And Kite fly" (the 'f' is silent). For many years, the organization sponsored (with tongue firmly planted in cheek!) a semi-imaginary amateur radio gathering in their small town of Enon, Ohio which coincided with the prestigious Dayton Hamvention® being held just down the road.  And, just in case you were wondering, Enon is "NONE" spelled backwards!

At any rate, over the years, Joe and Marti (along with their brilliant cast of fantastically creative writers) have routinely assembled what I believe are some of the funniest amateur radio-themed bulletins on the planet.  

Recently, when I again met up with Joe and Marti at a local hamfest, I humbly asked their permission to post some of the earlier GEARVAKf bulletins on my own Web site.  Needless to say, both Joe and Marti were delighted to allow me to do so.  At the same time, they also granted others (like you) permission to reprint this material, just as long as proper credit to the author and the GEARVAKf Bulletin is given.

However, before reading further, it is important that you take special note of the following DISCLAIMER quoted directly from the GEARVAKf Bulletin's editorial page:  

"Anyone who is offended by the content of these newsletters should stop reading them immediately and dispose of them in an environmentally incorrect manner.  Complaints will be ignored and corrections will not be made, even if justified.  The ideas, concepts, notions and sentiments expressed herein have absolutely no redeeming social value whatsoever."

Unfortunately, subscriptions to the bulletin service are not available.  Likewise, memberships in the organization are strictly by invitation only and, even then, are only rarely granted.  That's because membership is offered solely at the whim of the "GEARVAKf Secret Committee on Trusteeship" and totally without regard to merit.  What's more, the officers of GEARVAKf freely boast that they "discriminate indiscriminately" and further state that all life memberships in the organization are good for one year.   

So, here for you to enjoy are some .pdf scans of several early issues (along with a more recent issue) of the world famous GEARVAKf Bulletin. 

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Winter 1983 Spring 1998
Winter 1985 Spring 1999
Spring 1986 Spring 2000
Spring 1995 Spring 2001
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